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SpaceKap Transferable Service Bodies

SpaceKap™ allows you to turn your pickup truck into a complete the Ultimate Commercial Service Vehicle and offers three models and hundreds of options to customize your SpaceKap™ to fit your needs!! Since its introduction over two decades ago, SpaceKap™ has remained the most versatile service truck solution on the market. The cost savings has prompted more and more companies to outfit their service trucks and entire fleets with this durable and lightweight SpaceKap. Starting at only 535 lbs., SpaceKaps™ heavy-duty construction and double wall doors are the best in the industry! SpaceKap™ units are built to facilitate transfer from one pickup truck to another. It reduces your initial investment for an interior storage and offers you the chance to amortize the costs. Also, when changing from one vehicle to another, you will not be tied down to a single model or brand. In fact, your SpaceKap™ will fit any full-size truck with similar bed length (6.5 or 8-feet). With the ever-increasing cost of gas, fuel economy has become a major concern and point of interest for companies across the globe. Not only are vehicles becoming more and more fuel-efficient but also today’s pickups consume on average 12% less fuel than cargo vans. Spacekap™ is Canada’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass caps for commercial and recreational use. The Belœil-based company has over fifty employees. In 1992, SpaceKap™ developed a slip-in transferable service body developed in collaboration with celebrated automotive designer Paul Deutschman. Spacekap™ products that meet the specific needs of general contractors, electricians, plumbers, morticians, and also of professionals working in any trade and are looking for a versatile and transferable service unit. Three different height models available from cab high to 75” of standing room. Predesigned interiors for are available as well as 100% fully customizable interiors and ladder racks are available. Spacekap™ is North America’s pacesetting manufacturer of fiberglass commercial pickup slip-in body that is distinguished by its culture of excellence and its people. We manufacture and deliver the highest quality products and service possible while maintaining industry-leading profitability. 243,219 UNITS SOLD  •  45 YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY  •  97% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING  •  56 DEALERS
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