DECKED   makes   your   SB   pickup   truck   more   efficient   and   versatile   with   its   sliding   toolbox   storage   system   allowing   you   to   load   your truck   bed   with   materials   and   supplies   while   keeping   your   tools   secure,   dry   and   organized   in   drawers   underneath.   Work   more   efficiently with   your   tools   and   hardware   rolling   out   at   waist   height   reducing   trips   in   and   out   of   vehicles   and   increased   storage   organizer   benefits.                 After   over   20   years   of   battling,   band-aiding   and   otherwise   fussing   with   homemade   wooden   drawer   systems   made   of   plywood, dimension   lumber   and   half   the   hardware   department   from   True   Value,   we   came   to   the   conclusion   that   there   had   to   be   a   better   way. Drawers   are   awesome,   especially   in   the   back   of   your   truck,   so   LEER   couldn't   believe   there   wasn't   an   affordable   and   compelling solution   on   the   market.   So   what   started   out   on   a   napkin   in   a   local   diner,   evolved   into   a   rabid   pursuit   to   create   a   product   that   would make   the   lives   of   working   men   and   women   better.   In   2013,   after   nearly   three   years   of   research,   design,   and   engineering   work, DECKED was born.                        video link
DECKED designs and manufactures fully engineered, 100% American Made truck bed and in-vehicle drawer systems with a true 2000 lb payload. The DECKED system will keep your gear and tools dry, secure and organized. Work smarter, play harder.
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DECKED for Cargo & Service Vans

DECKED    Pickup    Truck    Bed    Storage    and    Cargo    Van Storage   Systems   are   a   perfect   upfit   for   your   commercial fleet.    Our    low    profile    truck    bed    tool    box    system    is compatible   with   Ford   F150,   Ford   F250,   RAM   1500,   RAM 2500,    Chevrolet    Silverado,    GMC    Sierra,    Toyota    Tundra and   Nissan   Titan   pickup   trucks   along   with   Ford   Transit, Ram   ProMaster,   Chevy   Express   GMC   Savana,   Mercedes Sprinter    and    Nissan    NV    Models.    DECKED’s    ergonomic Toolbox   will   be   a   benefit   to   your   team   as   it   slides   out   tools, gear,   and   other   items   in   heavy   duty   drawers   at   waist   height while    still    allowing    full    use    of    the    truck    or    van    bed. DECKED   Storage   Systems   are   easy   to   install   or   remove, weatherproof,   secure,   ergonomic,   and   best   of   all,   it’s   made in    the    USA.    With    its    low-profile    design    the    DECKED Storage   System   leaves   plenty   of   room   for   further   uplifting of   your   cargo   van   or   pickup   truck   as   needed.   DECKED Truck    and    Cargo    Van    Storage    Systems    are    perfect    for small   businesses   like   painters,   carpenters,   plumbers   and handyman   services   who   need   their   vehicle   to   have   secure storage   bins   that   are   easy   to   access.   Get   organized   with DECKED Storage Systems for your commercial vehicles.

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